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Lowongan Gas Metering System Nov 19-22, 2012 In Bandung - Oilgastraining

Kota : Bandung
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November 19-22, 2012 in BANDUNG


In the gas producing plant (onshore or offshore), the gas metering system
is the final stage of the production step before it send to the end user of
the gas product. It plays a very important role as a custody transfer
meter. Every measurement is required as practical as possible to have a
very accurate measurement or a very minimum error. This issue (measurement
accuracy or error) is very important since it will determine the quantity
of the gas product that will be paid by the customer. Larger the error
means less money that will be paid by the customer in correlation with the
amount that they received. Since it plays very important role and almost
appear in every gas producing plant, it will be good for us to know the
basic principle regarding this gas metering system.


This training is appropriate, followed by technicians, engineers,
designers, supervisors, managers, and others who want to
know/understand/explore gas metering system.


Overview of Oil and Gas Production.

- Onshore and Offshore Facilities.
- Wellheads, Manifolds and Gathering.
- Oil and Gas Pipeline Trnasportation.
- Metering, Flow Measurement, Storage and Export.

Practical Guide to Accurate Flow Measurement.

- Requisites of Flow Measurement and Definition of Terms.
- Custody and Non-Custody Transfer Measurement.
- Basic Reference Standards: AGA, API, ASME, ASTM, GPA, ISA.
- Flow Installation Requirements and Operational Considerations.
- Maintenance Meter Equipment.
- Readouts and Related Devices.
- Proving Systems and Auditing.

Basics of Measuring Methods and Its Application.

- Accuracy, Rangability and Turndown.
- Incompressible and Compressible Flow.
- Head Type and Mechanical Type.
- Electronic Flowmeter and Mass Flowmeter.

Detail of Practical Aspects of Flow Measurement and Metering.

- Orifice Plate.
- Venturi and Flow Nozzle.
- Pitot Tube.
- Variables Area Meters.
- Mechanical Flowmeters.
- Turbin Flowmeters.
- Rotary Flowmeters.
- Electronic Flowmeters.
- Vortex Flowmeters.
- Ultrasonic Flowmeters.
- Custody Transfer.
- Mass Flowmeters.
- Coriolis Flowmeters.
- Thermal Mass Flowmeters.

Summary and Discussion.


Hilman Ahmad & Associates, an Independent Consultant in industrial
oil and gas, member of the Society of Indonesian Petroleum Engineers, who
manage the BandungIndustrial Oil & Gas Education Center, and has been
practicing production operation and corrosion control engineering in
Indonesia for more than twenty-five years. He post-graduated from Tokyo
Institute of Technology (sponsored by UNESCO) in 1977. He joined
in-field-practice program at Nippon Kokan Steel Company & Research Center
Kawasaki, Japan for production facility design & construction and corrosion
prevention & control in 1983, and collaborated with Cormon Industrial
Research Center Brighton UK for on-line corrosion monitoring development in
2000. He has been delivering training course in production operation and
maintenance and corrosion control for personnel from Oil & Gas Company and
Petrochemical Industry since 1979.


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