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Lowongan Vacancy Civil Engineer - PT Melu Bangun Wiweka

Kota : Bekasi
Pendidikan : min d3
Pengalaman : min 2 Tahun
Perusahaan : Pt Melu Bangun Wiweka
We are leading company in engineering & manufacturing work, road construction equipment, construction machineries, automation system, and special vehicle, looking for young dynamic professional candidates to fill the position:

Civil Engineer
- Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering from reputable university
- Skillfull in: Autocad, StaadPro, SAP 2000
- Fluent in English especially written
- Having a strong achievement drive
- Able to adapt to work effectively
- Logical, analytical and have problem solving abilities
- Having experiences 2 years in engineering (Fresh graduated is welcome)

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Officer
- Bachelor degree in Safety or Environment or other related discipline
- Having elevant experiences in the same position
- Knowledge in behavior safety will be an added advantage
- Knowledege in ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 and SMK3 are preffered
- Having initiative, disicipline, drive person and be a team player
- Self-starter, ethical and highly motivated person
- Having excellent interpersonal and communication skill, proactive, and dynamic personality

- Education: SMK Teknik/ D3 in related major
- Having knowledge in mechanical drawing
- Skillfull in: Autocad
- Having experiences minimum 1 years as a drafter

Finance & Accounting Coordinator
- Male/ Female age max. 30
- Bachelors degree in Accounting/ Finance
- Able to make petty cash, cash flow, and financial report
- Able to make budgeting and budget controlling
- Has strong financial and tax knowledge
- Good command in english
- Computer program skills
- Having experience as Finance & Accounting Supervisor/ Coordinator

Should you meet the qualifications, send your application letter + CV, to:
PT. Melu Bangun Wiweka
Jl. Simpang Tiga Setu No. 39
Tambun Bekasi 17510
Email to: bayu.a@mbwpt.com
Please visit our website: www.mbwpt.com

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